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Off-Grid Solar System

Off-grid solar systems are the most wanted, talked about, and thought of systems when someone mentions solar systems. Everybody dreams of having these systems as electricity bills are then a thing of the past. With a off-grid system the electricity produced charges your batteries and supplies power during the day, at night your system runs off batteries. When your demand for electricity is higher than the solar system is producing it will draw the excess from the batteries so there’s always power available. We always recommend installing a generator at off-grid sites for the odd days your batteries are drained or they haven’t charged completely due to weather. We wire the generator to be fully automatic, it will start, charge your batteries, and switch off all by itself, ensuring in the whole process you’ve got a constant running electricity supply. Off-grid applications are also beneficial where it is uneconomical or impossible to have grid power installed.

Off-Grid Solar System

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