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Grid Tie Solar System

Grid-tied solar systems are the most cost effective way of saving money by tying your solar electricity produces into the grid’s electricity. You will then have an combination of solar and grid electricity with solar being the main source, only when your solar produced is not enough to keep up with your electricity demand the system will then draw the excess from the grid’s electricity, this is done without interruption in the power supplied to you. This system has the ability to sell your excess electricity back to the grid if your local municipality permits it at an agreed rate, making this perfect as your system pays itself back in a much shorter period. There is no batteries in this system so all electricity needed at night will be supplied by the grid, making this ideal for businesses and commercial properties, on weekends and holidays your system will then feed back electricity making your business still produce money without anyone even being there. The system is also ideal for residential properties that wants their day consumption to run off solar and sell unused power back to the municipality.

Grid Tied Solar System

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Grid-tie Solar System
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